Momentum Academy is thrilled to present its First Students' Showcase:

Momentum Academy's School for Gifted Youngsters! 


Our dedicated students have grown so much. They are proud of their newly acquired skills. They truly are gifted youngsters, and they cannot wait to show you what they have learned! 


Date:              Saturday. July 31 st, 2021

Time:             10 AM

Location:      Momentum Academy, 550 NW Mercantile Pl, PSL FL 34953


Rain or shine, the show is on!


Show tickets: $10 

Tickets for children under $10 years-old are free! 


Although young children tickets are free, a reservation is required for them. 


Please read the additional info sections to know more about students' drop-off, parking, and bookings. 



The $10 you spend on your ticket can be applied to the purchase of your ticket for the Pirate Show Momentum Academy will have that night! 

Please reach out to us so that we can apply the discount on your tickets. 


As always, we are thankful for your business and love. 


Momentum Academy's Team

Show Ticket for children under 10

  • As you buy your tickets, your name will be added to our virtual reservation list along with the number of tickets bought. You will not receive any physical tickets. Please bring your confirmation number with you on the day of  the showcase. 

    If you do not plan to arrive at the same time as your party, you can purchase tickets separately or send us a list of names for us to verify.