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Do you want some extra training time to go over what you have learned in class? The Open Studio time is perfect for students to review and work on their strength, form, stamina and transitions. Make sure to reserve in advance. Although this class is not an instructor-led class, a qualified circus instructor will be there to help you rig what you need to train safely.  Certain conditions apply - space is very limited, make sure to reserve your spot online before coming to class. 

See General Rules and Personal Equipment Policy below the schedule.

General Rules

• All available space is shared space at Momentum Academy. Students must be generous and respectful of the professional Momentum environment and other students' training time.

• Students must thoroughly warm up before they begin training.

• Students must be aware of their skill limitations and stay within them.

• There must always be a minimum of two people in the facility when training.

• The students are responsible for their safety. Adequate mats must be used at all times.

• Students must use all equipment in a responsible and respectful manner.

• Momentum staff will assist students with rigging.

• Open Studio are NOT structured class times and structured instruction IS NOT provided.

• Open Studio periods are self-guided practice and training times. Open Studio time is meant for students to refine skills they already know, it is not for learning new skills. The goal of open studio is to provide practice time to refine technique, skills and form of skills students are comfortable with. Momentum Academy’s staff have the right to ask a student to NOT perform a specific skill if the student is demonstrating poor form, technique, or the like.

NO STUDENT SHALL PROVIDE/RECEIVE VERBAL INSTRUCTION &/OR PHYSICAL SPOTTING TO/FROM ANOTHER STUDENT. Momentum Academy reserves the right to ask students attempting to teach others to leave. The same will be true for students who are not respectful of the rules, equipment, environment or other students as well as for students whose actions, technique or behavior represent a danger to themselves or others.

• Trampoline may be used when a member is available to supervise the area and only if the student has been pre-approved for using the trampoline. 

• Students MUST NOT adjust, move, install or otherwise tamper with any rigging equipment, machinery, electrical or AV equipment.

• Students are responsible for putting equipment and their belonging away and should close lids on rosin and chalk boxes.

• Students must keep rosin and chalk off the mats.

• Food, drink, and street shoes are not allowed in the studio. Water in a BOTTLE is OK — NO GLASSES or CUPS!

• NO phone calls allowed during training.

• Non-flash photography and film are permitted.  Students must ask subject’s permission. Otherwise, students must only aim the camera at themselves and keep all other students or staff out of the picture.

• Students MUST NOT at any time walk under the rigged points or aerialists training. Respect a 6 foot distance from other students training. 

• Students may have to share equipment.

• Momentum Academy, its staff and partners are not liable for injuries that occur during Open Studio.

Personal Equipment

All apparatuses, safety devices and rigging will be provided during Open Studio times. Students should contact Momentum Academy that their desired apparatus will be available to use during their open gym time.

Exceptions may be provided for professionals or students with extensive experience. These exceptions will be evaluated by the Safety coordinator. 

Momentum Academy Staff may use their own equipment with permission from the Safety Coordinator.

Momentum Academy inspects every piece of equipment that comes into its facility.

Momentum Academy retains the right to disallow the use of any piece of equipment that is deemed to be in any way unsafe or for which maintenance history, provenance and quality may not be clear or verifiable. 

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