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A School for Circus and Performing Arts


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Momentum Academy is an institution for circus and performing arts located in Port St Lucie, Florida. The School provides different programs which primary goal is to promote athletic and artistic development. While some students take circus classes as a way to exercise and express themselves, others attend our facility to get high-level training and best prepare themselves to be professional circus artists and educators. The school not only offers recreational classes, summer camps and workshops, but also an intensive circus program and pro track.


International in scope,  Momentum Academy provides high-quality education, and comprehensive training specifically designed to respond to the needs of each student. The School provides personalized attention and support as well as programs adapted to each student's level, ensuring constant progression and development.

A dedicated team of teachers, coaches and guest artists ensures that each student receives the highest circus and performing arts training.  Momentum Academy provides a safety-conscious learning environment that is unique in the United States.

Through the spectrum of professional training opportunities offered at Momentum Academy, each student finds their voice, builds confidence and makes the impossible possible.

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