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Aerial Fit/Stretching 12+:

Aerial Fit will push your cardio and strength to their fullest capacity. Students will alternate between aerial apparatuses and floor work doing exercises targeting specific muscle groups that will help you move in the air with ease. This workout is followed by some stretching and flexibility exercises which will provide the opportunity to stretch all those muscles that we just used to set us up for success with fewer injuries and more flexibility in life. From beginners to advanced, this class is open to anyone looking to build muscle, endurance, and flexibility. All exercises can be modified to fit your level and abilities. 50-min class. No pre-requisite required.

8-week sessions offers a 25% over the single class price and gives you access to a make-up class if you miss one of the first 8! If do not start on week #1, the session will be prorated. 

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